Scholarships open the path for students at University of 鶹AV

June 03, 2024

Students and scholarship donors sit around a table and mingle at a reception event.Scholarships are a way to make education accessible to all, and University of 鶹AV is no stranger to granting scholarships to a wide array of students.  

Through the generosity of private donors and philanthropic organizations, the University gives Titans the chance to pursue the education of their dreams.  

“It made all the difference between choosing this university and others,” said Samuel Bussone, a Civil Environmental Engineering major who is a recipient of the Young Family Foundations scholarship. “None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the scholarship, and when I think about the past two years, and my involvement in club sports, meeting new people, making new friends, making valuable memories... it’s because of people’s generosity that you’re able to do these things in the first place.”  

The nature of 鶹AV’s scholarship system means that a one-time donation can stay with the University for generations and benefit many students over time. 

“Endowed scholarships are when people make an investment and we put that money into the endowment, and then we’re allowed to award students the interest on the investment above the original gift,” said Michele Guyor-Borthwick, assistant director of UDM’s Annual Giving Program. “Many of our scholarships were created 30 years ago and that scholarship is still helping students.”  

The scholarship program relies heavily on the generosity of donors. Luckily, there is a big community of individuals who are deeply committed to the 鶹AV mission.  

“My late wife is an alumna of the School of Nursing,” said David Kovach, a donor to the University. “One of her bequests was that I sell her engagement ring, her wedding band and a diamond bracelet, and the money be donated to the School of Nursing.  

“She was devoted to nursing. Ever since she was a little girl, that’s what she wanted to do. Her family didn’t have the means to support her, and so she put herself through school. And this was a way she could give back. She was so passionate about nursing and letting others pursue the great career that she had.” 

A dinner in April brought together scholarship students and donors to let the two groups get to learn about each other. 

“The point of scholarship help is for the students to not be focusing on ‘how am I going to pay my tuition bill, how am I going to get to next semester, how am I going to register,’ but to focus on the learning that they’re doing here on campus,” Guyor-Borthwick said.  

Learn more about the financial aid opportunities at 鶹AV.  

– By Marketing & Communications student intern James Whitener